4x4 Evolution

4x4 Evolution 2.0

Engage in races on various 4X4 vehicles
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Terminal Reality Inc.

Control one of the authentically recreated cars with the 4X4 platform and engage in races against computer opponents. Customize your vehicle and select one of the tracks modeled after real-life off-road environments, find your way around 3D terrain, etc. The game features multiple difficulty levels and play modes.

4X4 Evolution is a unique dynamic-simulation racer featuring customizable 4X4 vehicles on 16 rugged, natural off-road tracks, each with its own distinctive terrain, challenges, weather, music score, and difficulty level.
4x4 EVO is the first console game to feature cross-platform online play, in which Dreamcast, Macintosh and PC players could all race against each other simultaneously.

Gameplay features wild off-road racing in Career Mode, Online Mode, Map Editor, and Versus Mode, using 70 licensed vehicles and hundreds of player-upgraded real-world aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Players can also race across user-created maps downloaded to a hard drive or even a Dreamcast VMU. All platform gameplay experiences are of similar quality. DC, Windows, and Mac versions offer a vehicle-customization feature that allows players to race their own personalized vehicles online.

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